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Searching for the perfect idea for a LADIES' NIGHT EVENT?

Girlfriends' Intuition is a question-and-answer party game where you use your "intuition" to correctly guess how your girlfriends will answer "girl talk" questions that are spicy, fun and stimulating - ranging from tame everyday life questions to the more intimate and risqué.  The play of game is similar to the Newlywed Game yet with a different twist!

This game is designed for women of all ages (18+), regardless of if you are single, married or in a relationship.  And, since you can hand select the questions before the game starts, it's perfect to play in a wide variety of settings and is adjustable to suit a wide range of crowd tastes and sensibilities - there is something here for everyone.

Make the game as mild or wild as you want!

Invite your friends over for the perfect ladies' night in (or out!) where you will find out how well you actually know each other.  Discover fun facts, secret fantasies, and romantic desires as you delve deeper into more intimate topics that amuse and entertain, with a definite playful twist!

If you're having trouble finding exciting, unique and interesting party game ideas for women, ladies' night events, girls night in, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, slumber parties, sorority parties or college bonding nights, girlfriend getaway vacations, as well as friends' get-togethers then search no more!  Girlfriends' Intuition is the best ladies' night game available! Get ready for a riotous night of side-splitting hilarity with your friends! 

The game is available in the Deluxe- or Travel-sized editions  -  both editions contain many of the same questions/content; however, the Deluxe Edition contains fewer everyday questions and more intimate and risque' questions.