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"You have never played a game as hilarious as Girlfriends' Intuition!"


This awesome women's party game can be played in teams of two or individually (instructions are included for both). Contents include supplies for four teams. Play of the game is similar to the Newlywed Game yet with a different twist!

If you have more than four teams in your women's group or have an odd number of players, don't worry!  With this fun party game for women, everyone can join the fun no matter how many people want to play - just modify to suit your needs. It's completely flexible and up to you!  Instructions are included.

Once you've determined your teams (if applicable),  you'll answer fun rounds of questions about one another, and every time you match your teammate's answers correctly, you will get to collect a "diamond" game piece.  Watch out though ... a mismatch on the final Whisper Bonus question will give your opponents a chance to collect more "diamonds" to take the lead!  The team (or individual) that collects the most "diamonds" at the end of two rounds wins!  

If you want to bring your friends together for some quality friend-time and give them a joyously fun night to remember then there is no better way to get the party started than with Girlfriends' Intuition!  

Be ready to laugh until your cheeks and sides hurt!

Hilarious Women's Party Game!

Unlike other party games for women, Girlfriends' Intuition is designed so all your guests can join the FUN!!  It's what you were looking for!