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Group of Women giving thumbs up to playing the party game for women called Girlfriends' Intuition


The best way to learn about the success of a product is through customer reviews.  Read what our customers have to say about how much fun they have playing Girlfriends' Intuition, the fun party game idea for ladies night, a women's party, girls' night in, girls' night out, bridal shower, bachelorette party and more!
"This game is a huge hit!  It's the BEST ladies' night game EVER!"

"THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I played this game last night at a Girls' Night event that I hosted and it was SOOO much fun! Just like the description says....there will be LOTS of laughs, giggles, and great and interesting conversation about the questions.  It was a great way to get the guests to loosen up and they also learned a lot about each other b/c some of the questions are ones that would probably NEVER come up in regular conversation!! LOL. This was DEFINITELY worth the purchase and it was JUST the right touch I was looking for to spice up my parties.I received a lot of great feedback from the guests about how much they LOVED playing the game and one person plans to buy the game for herself to play at events such as bachelorette parties."  ~Party Thrower***** 


"We played for like 4 hours straight!!!  Girlfriends' Intuition is Fun! Fun! Fun! When my friends and I played this game and we had so much fun! We were literally rolling on the floor laughing :). We played for like 4 hours straight!!! We didn't even have time to eat, drink, or sleep 'cuz we were having so much fun that we couldn't even stop!!!!!! If you don't know what you should do for your party, make sure that you get this game!!!!! :) :) :) five stars*****."  ~Erica***** 


"I took this on a girls' getaway! I took this on a girls getaway and we had so much fun playing it. Everyone preferred this game over "Cards for Humanity" which I thought would be the big hit of the night."  ~cre8nsmiles*****


"I ordered this game and we absolutely LOVED IT! My friends and I had a slumber party for my birthday at a swanky hotel. I ordered this game and we absolutely LOVED IT!"  ~Lady Love *****


"If the walls could talk our other half would either die or laugh! Well, this game is a blast! Our family had a girls' weekend and we played this game. At first, I stayed out the first round, however, had no choice but to play the second round. I enjoyed it so much I now want to buy it! I found out more than I ever wanted to about my cousins, aunts and great aunts; however, I really didn't know how much alike we all were.

If the walls could talk our other half would either die or laugh! I know for a fact my husband would have laughed his butt off, or even worse, he would have made me turn red!"  ~Rachel S.*****


"PERFECT for Girl's Night or a Bachelorette Party! My girlfriends and I are in our 30s and I bought this game to use for our girls' night and all the ladies LOVED IT!!! This game is SO fun and the cards ask all kinds of questions that help you get to know your girlfriends better.  We all laughed so hard we cried!!!! It was so fun that we even decided to quit playing according to the rules and just read the questions and answer them one-by-one, going around the room.  I highly recommend this game for a super fun bachelorette party night or a girls night for sure!!!! By the end of the night, we all agreed that we feel like we know each other so much better and now even inside jokes we giggle about in our group texts. All of my friends have asked to borrow this games. This game is simple to play, straightforward and I LOVE IT!!!!"  ~M. Hill *****


"I was told multiple times over 'Best ladies' night of the year! My neighborhood hosts a monthly neighborhood ladies' night and I purchased this game for my turn as hostess. I had more than 8 players and the game still worked very easily. Some women in this group knew each other very well and others had just met, but the game was still a big hit. I was worried the game would be too much for folks to want to share, so I took out the 5 most risqué questions and chose my questions for the night ahead of time with each round consisting of 3 tame questions, 1 hot, and 1 very hot question. When the girls found out I had prescreened, they wanted the stack immediately to go through and pick out the best ones. People were literally rolling in the aisles laughing. I was told multiple times over,"Best ladies' night of the year!"  ~Amanda M.***** 


"Every time I play with my girlfriends, we end up laughing so hard it makes our sides and cheeks sore!     I loved this game so much (I had the travel version previously) I bought the deluxe version. This game is SO much FUN! Every time I play with my girlfriends, we end up laughing so hard it makes our sides and cheeks sore!

We appreciate that you can pick out more tame questions if one uses this game in a situation such as a bridal shower or a group get-together where people might not be comfortable answering more risqué questions. But my group of gals and I usually go straight for the risqué questions (hehehe!) and end up gasping for air, we are laughing so hard. We have multiple times laughed so hard a bunch of us end up with tears rolling down our cheeks because the questions and answers usually end up prompting the most ridiculous and funny comments!

It's a great game to stimulate discussion, camaraderie, laughter and hilarity for a night's get-together with your girlfriends! I highly recommend this game. There is nothing else like it available for girls' nights that even comes close to as fun as this game!"  ~Doyreva***** 


"We were in tears most of the time from laughing so much! I played this game at a party I was invited to and we had a fabulous time! I didn't know many of the gals very well, but that didn't stop us from having a great time! There were no reservations when answering the questions (or in open conversation) and we laughed up a storm! 

I decided I absolutely HAD TO HAVE this game for a girls' night party I was planning. I purchased it and, as expected, it was a smashing hit at my party as well! We were in tears most of the time from laughing so much! At the end of the evening, my friends said it was the best party they've attended in a long time, if not ever! Made me feel good.

I love the fact that this game doesn't limit the number of players. I had 11 guests; all were able to play and join the fun. Nobody had to sit out, and I didn't have to limit my guest list. I also love the diverse questions. Not only did we learn a lot about each other with the more "personal" questions, but the everyday questions were fun and informative as well; they provided me with future gift ideas for my friends! Always a plus! Super fun game! Highly recommended!"  ~Sparkle*****


"The women really enjoyed this. We had a lot of laughs! I had an adult girlfriends' party.  The women really enjoyed this.  We had a lot of laughs and got to know one another.  Great for Girls' Night!"  ~Oliveista***** 


"We laughed so hard, our faces hurt the next day! It was a great time! I had gone through the cards and removed the really, really risque' questions because my mom and her friend were going to come and I didn't know what exactly they could handle.....well....let me tell you....One of the girls ratted me out that I had removed the really dirty cards and my mother had a fit and put them back in! It was such a riot! We laughed so hard, our faces hurt the next day! It was a great time!  They are already bugging me about when I'm hosting the next game night. It was truly hysterical!"  ~Kelly***** 


"Not your typical party game.......Get it and get ready to laugh until you cry!!! My husband found this game and provided it for us at a surprise party for me. None of us really wanted to play a game, but since he went to the trouble of getting it, we thought we would give it a try.  We had a great time; this game made the party! We learned so much about each other, we laughed at and with one another and became even closer than we were.  It is thought-provoking and even makes you think and learn some things about yourself.  Not your typical party game.......Get it and get ready to laugh until you cry!!!"  ~Faye H.***** 


"I've been instructed not to show up at another girls' night without it! I hosted a party for several girlfriends and purchased the game just in case the party began to die. A guest insisted we play it right away and we continued for hours! It was a diverse group and everyone had a blast! I've been instructed not to show up at another girl's night without it. Highly recommended!"           ~Sarah D.***** 


"We were laughing so hard, the guys were getting jealous and wanted to play! WHAT A RIOT! I was given this game as a gift, I am not into board games so I wasn't that excited about it. LET ME TELL YOU - Under protest, I played the game and it was so much FUN!!! We were laughing so hard the guys were getting jealous and wanted to play, but too bad for them! We had to tell them it's for women, not men!!! My girlfriends and I will be playing this game often!"  ~Kim W.***** 


"Guarantees a good time to recharge and foster great times with your girlfriends!!  We had a Mom's weekend away at the beach and absolutely LOVED playing Girlfriends' Intuition! Even though our group of 6 have been friends for 10+ years, we still learned new things about each other by playing this game! The game is designed beautifully by having questions on various topics. Depending on what group you’re playing with, this game can be a great icebreaker or you can use the cards that reveal more personal answers. Some of the questions prompted answers that brought us to tears with our laughter! Highly recommend this game to any Mom’s night out or better yet- a weekend away! Guarantees a good time to recharge and foster great times with your girlfriends!! ENJOY!"  ~Donna P.***** 


"It also works with women of all ages and is a great way for everyone to bond! I played this game with a group of girlfriends for dinner and I have never laughed so hard (or blushed so often!)in a very long time. This is the best game EVER. I am recommending it to all my friends!!! It would also be a blast to play at a bachelorette party, I just wish I had discovered it earlier! It also works with women of all ages and is a great way for everyone to bond (our game had women ranging in age from 23 to 78!). If you LOVE having fun this game is for you!!"  ~Julie G.*****


"This year I figured a gift that we could play would be fun! Bought this as a Christmas gift for our yearly girlfriend's Christmas party. We have been doing this for years. This year I figured a gift that we could play would be fun! This game was very fun. I feel that it would be good for a group of women who don't mind opening up about dirty little secrets, but that may or may not already know their friends' answers. For us, we're all so close, that we pretty much know each other's answers anyways. But the game is really fun and worth buying."  ~Asha*****


"Soooooo much fun....Wine and this game with your girls for ladies night!"  ~Nicole W.*****


"If you think you know your girlfriends, just wait until you play this game!"  ~K.R.***** 


"I hosted a "Game Night" for a recent Girls' Night Out. It was the most fun Girls' Night I've had in a long time. We laughed so hard we were crying and holding our stomachs. It's a great way to get to know each other a little more (sometimes a lot more), and have a really fun time doing it. I went through the cards before we played and took out some of the more "embarrassing" questions...I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. There were plenty of super fun questions!! I had planned on only playing one round, but we ended up playing a second! Also, one of the girlfriends that attended asked to borrow it for a Girls Weekend she was going to have! Highly recommend!!"  ~L. DuRoss***** 


"Hilarious, bring a sense of humor! Played it with a group of guys and girls and that made it way more fun!  It's kind of a newlywed-style game where you try to guess what your friends would answer.  It's fun for a game night with open-minded people who have a great sense of humor. Oh, and when you get the answer to a question right, instead of getting points you get a (fake plastic) DIAMOND! It is just too funny! Hilarious game, bring a sense of humor!"     ~Kelly K.***** 


"It is a really fun game! We laughed our butts off when we played -- it's even more fun when you throw gay guys (and even a straight one) into the mix!"  ~Sarah***** 


"We laughed so hard we cried. Very interesting game."  ~Divame***** 


"There are so many different ways to play this game and the questions are fun! Got this for a girlfriends' weekend and we had a blast!"  ~So Much Fun!***** 


"This was a fun game! It was for my birthday sleep-over pajama party...I decided to have all girls night out at my house instead of getting all dressed up to go out to a club or something....just rather spend the evening eating, sipping, dancing, movie and just having grown up girl talk with some of my family and friends. We laughed so much while playing this game, our cheeks were a little sore, and it was a big hit for the party.Then after that part was over we had a line dance competition like "The Wobble, Wobble - Shake It, Shake It" and just danced in our cool looking pajama outfits....Finally, watched a good old movie then off to sleep which ended around 3AM (mind you...lol)....So, for those that are interested in having a girls' night out at someone's home, please order this game because it is a "MUST-HAVE"...LOL!"  ~Thomi*****


"The questions bring back the memories! I played this game with a group of women, some I knew and some I just met. It was a riot and I made some new friends too! We had a very fun and relaxing evening."  ~Sue S.*****


"What a fricken' blast! I had 8 girls over yesterday and we about died with your Girlfriends' Intuition game! What a fricken' blast! We started playing the game after visiting for an hour or so..........answering the questions was so funny! One of the women is 72 and fiesty.........she was the funniest by far.  We usually get together at the AmVets on Wednesday afternoons to play a dice game, but after yesterday, we are going to each other's home on Wednesdays and are playing both games!....Thank you again for this game."  ~Barb*****


"Worth every minute of time and every dime spent. The party was a huge success! The game really made the difference. It was worth every minute of time and every dime spent.  It was a party of 9, just the right number, and several of the ladies were asking where did you get that game?  Thank you so much for helping me in the quick turnaround. The party would not have been complete without Girlfriends' Intuition."  ~B. Hammonds***** 


"Very Fun! I bought this game for a bachelorette weekend. One of the nights in we played it while we stayed in. Have some drinks and get to know your friends! Very fun! I would recommend it!!! Not for fuddy duds though!!!!" ~Redquenthr*****



"One of its best selling points is its compact size (no wasteful packaging here!) so it's easy to fit in my suitcase as I travel!  I recently played the game with my daughter and her friends..... this is a fun game where it's OK to stretch the truth a bit or stack the deck.  The questions range from everyday to risqué.  There are some things I would rather not have my daughter know about me and there are plenty of things I would rather not know about my daughter!  Though when I play with women my own age, my motto is 'everything goes'!

Everything has been thought of from the game tokens being "diamonds"; the teams being comprised of both a "gold" and a "silver" player; the answer cards are reusable dry-erase cards; and the entire package is "Green" in an effort to lessen the impact on the planet's ecosystem.  One of its best selling points is its compact size (no wasteful packaging here!) so it's easy to fit in my suitcase as I travel! The girlfriend fun, the price, the entire package makes Girlfriends' Intuition a must-have game for any woman!!!"  ~Alice Z.***** 


"My friends and I have played many times and we always have a very fun time.  Girlfriends' Intuition was a great find. A super game to play with your gal pals. My friends and I have played many times and we always have a very fun time. I have laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt. You just never know how they will answer the questions. Some are real zingers! It doesn't have to be played with just your close friends. We have played with a mixed group--some knowing each other well and some that had not met before. The winning team happened to be two gals that had never met before that evening. This game is a superb gift item! Small, easy to have on hand, and travels well."  ~ ND*****


"The best part is you get to hear all the comments from all the other players.......and it is nothing but a laugh-fest! Playing Girlfriends' Intuition for the first time was an absolute fun experience. I happened to be paired with someone I knew, but I didn't know her as well as I thought! However, because of the game, I learned a lot more and it was laughs all night long.  One of my friends got paired with someone she just met at the party and they had as much fun as the rest of us. The best part is you get to hear all the comments from all the other players and it is nothing but a laugh-fest! If you like to have fun and want to learn more about your girlfriends, this is the game to get!"           ~Gloria W.*****


"Fun! Fun! Fun! All who play will enjoy!"  ~Katie D.*****


"My girlfriends and I loved this game! We laughed so hard some of us had sore facial and abdomen muscles the next day. Loved it!"  ~K. Moore***** 


"Fun if you are single or married!"  ~Nina B.***** 


"A good game for women of all ages!"  ~Joyce S.*****


"This game was so much fun!!! It was a huge hit at an adult slumber party! I can't wait for the next get-together to play again!"  ~CG*****


"Can't wait to play it. The questions already got me busting up lol!  I haven't yet played the game but I had to express how much I appreciate not good but GREAT customer service. I ordered this game for a girl's night out coming up soon but had experienced computer issues w/ submitting my order. When I called the owner she was more than happy to help me out & genuinely wanted me to receive my game w/ satisfaction! I hope she reads this because I want her to know I got it today & THANK YOU! Can't wait to play it. The questions already got me busting up lol !!!"  ~Leena F.*****


"This is a fun game and it really makes you laugh!"  ~Becky*****


"Great game.......can't wait to play it again!  If there is any stress in your life, get the girls together, play Girlfriend's Intuition, & you'll be saying "Stress? What stress?"  ~Anonymous*****


"Has some great questions for a girlfriends' getaway weekend!"  ~LML*****


"Lots of Laughs! Great game! We played it at a Bachelorette weekend." ~PattiCake*****


"Just plain fun for women of all ages."  ~JC*****